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Founding Principles: A Virtuous Citizenry

The Founding Principles: An Introduction

While The Founding Project does not typically publish editorial pieces, this one seems to be a fitting introduction to a meme series The Founding Project will be rolling out over the coming weeks, which is all about The Founding Principles.  The Founding Principles are the ideals or concepts our Founders believed were the base of freedom and a guide for citizens to maintain the freedom for which they fought to hard to attain.

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As an introduction to this meme series, The Founding Project introduces a guest writer, who has served our nation and whose son now currently also serves.  Further, our guest writer also works to benefit the Gary Sinise Foundation by creating handcrafted items, which he sells and then donates all proceeds to Sinise’s Foundation.  A friend and supporter of The Founding Project, this author offers his editorial to our readers and The Founding Project is using his work as an introduction to TFP’s meme series on The Founding Principles.  

His editorial letter for The Founding Project…

Dear Readers,

Lately, I have been spending numerous hours studying our founders and what they wrote concerning how and what their new form of government was supposed to be and for what it should provide. Liberty was the primary purpose for this new republic they designed, but no matter where you look in all that they wrote and discussed, morality, and God’s law were a consistent basis for most of what they did.

The American revolution and all corresponding efforts to build this new country, this new form of government, is surely something we all benefit from, even though we too often take it for granted. But, are we now in a place and time where a ruling class controls us, perhaps too similar to the situations earlier Americans had to deal with when they were being controlled by a king?

The Question:

Maybe the question should be considered: Are we, the people, truly being represented based on the rule of law and the principles used to develop such rules? Or has misrepresenting the truth, elected representatives working within government for personal gain and citizen indifference to civic duty become so rampant that our founder’s dream is somehow lost?

Symbols of Freedom and Integrity

Can we honestly say that, in our time, we are performing our responsibilities as controllers of our government?  Could we even say government is conducted in the methods established by our founders, those brilliant folks who worked for so many years giving us this awesome gift, this constitutional republic?

Taking Liberty Lightly

We, in my opinion take our republic too lightly, forgetting its most basic purposes: to protect citizens from each other and all foreign and domestic threats, to protect individual liberties for every citizen as long as they are not ever allowed to overstep the rights of others, and to do for citizens and the nation what citizens cannot do themselves.  And, in all of this, have we all forgotten to consider God’s laws of moral and righteous behavior to be key in everything we do and to take our civic duties seriously to protect our republic and freedom.  Do we really do this? Sadly said, I think not!

Perhaps it is time to reconsider what has become routine.  Perhaps we must begin to take a serious look back to a place and time a couple hundred years ago, when we as a people had a focus on why we wanted something different.  At that time, when our founders had experienced living with no real freedom or had lost freedom, they wanted something sustainable.  They wanted to avoid ever again being controlled by a very few with an outcome meant to benefit only those elite in power.

Our Founders Left US a Guide

What we are experiencing today, at least in my humble opinion, is nothing like what the founders designed, and the primary reason is the avoidance of using morality and The Founding Principles left to us by our founders as our primary guide.

Call me an old guy stuck in history, if you will. Tell me that we are all human and make mistakes as an excuse, and to all of that I will agree. But realizing our losses and path astray from freedom and then taking the first steps to remedy those losses must be considered.  A change back to a time when we were worth something more than a reality TV 24/7 news cycle and a means for entertainment and indoctrination of the masses is long past due. It is time to stand up for what we believe; those beliefs deep inside and not the sentiments we are taught by those who tell us what to say and think, which is not thinking at all.

Do not let anyone take your morality or your freedom by remaining silent, regardless of what the minions of self-appointed kings decide is right for them. They seldom think or reason based upon actual freedom or beyond what is good for them. But, we can and we should and it is time to tell the ruling elite our message.

Sincerely, Jim Blume

The Meme Series

And, with that introduction, The Founding Project begins its work to bring information about “The Founding Principles”, the ideals precious to our Founders and their prescribed recipe for maintaining freedom.  These principles were once taught when civics was a subject taught every year of schooling, a practice that ended in the 1940’s.  The Founding Project will be posting its “Founding Principle” meme series on their Facebook page at and on its Twitter (@founding_proj) and Instagram (thefoundingproject) feeds in the coming months.

Mr. Blume’s editorial letter points to freedom requirements often considered to be the most important of all of the requirements of citizens for liberty, virtue. Our Founders firmly believed that freedom could only be maintained by a virtuous citizenry, who made it a priority to elected virtuous leaders.  Those two Founding Principles, along with the others, will also be featured in future articles on The Founding Project’s website.

The Founding Project thanks Mr. Blume for his heartfelt letter that helps introduce our readers and social media Followers to “The Founding Principles”.

Cover photo: George Washington’s Prayer at Valley Forge painting by Arnold Friberg

Jim Blume is a retired Veteran (U.S. Air Force) and writer, who devotes much of his time to support The Gary Sinise Foundation, a charity which benefits U. S. veterans and his wife also joins him in that effort.  (Some of their work can be found at Knothead’s Gifts at   He and his wife reside in Wisconsin and they are also the parents of son currently serving our military.  Mr. Blume is contributing to The Founding Project as a guest writer.  For more information about The Gary Sinise Foundation, see TFP’s article:

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  1. Our Founders firmly believed that freedom could only be maintained by a virtuous citizenry, who made it a priority to elected virtuous leaders.
    This is the absolute most profound statement in that entire Intro. That is exactly what I have been saying since 2016 that virtue and honor in our leaders was what WE the people must maintain at all times.
    Sadly that was forgotten and the “golden calf,” as my friends and I call it came to be. Sadly it is because the evil of denial prevailed and the golden bobbles sparkled and gleamed and blinded the sinner into seduction.
    This was a profoundly good read.

    • Thank you for your comment. Your interest in The Founding Project and support are appreciated. Be sure to share our publications with your friends and invite them to follow TFP on social media.

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