The Founding Project’s Founding

The Founding Project began when the need for more Americans to understand our Constitution and our government became apparent during recent campaign efforts.

Studies revealed that generations of Americans were unable to pass the simple citizenship test required of new U.S. citizens and that generations of Americans indicated they were either not taught Civics or experienced only a portion of Civics education in a government class.

This means there are generations of citizens navigating their lives so affected by government with little understanding of the complex laws and principles behind our freedom.

A team of citizens joined forces and dedicated themselves to finding a way to help bring Civics and related information to the citizens not exposed to this type of education and not likely to have the time or energy to seek it…everyday Americans.

The Founding Project believes in advocating for Civics Education AND also to providing it in ways easily accessed by grassroots America.

Thus, The Founding Project was born.

Just like our beloved country, TFP is an experiment in freedom or restoring freedom with our unique approach to “Taking Civics to Citizens”.  Using social media and technology, The Founding Project combines a website and a video and meme series with information important to understanding the Founding of America in approachable and accessible doses and joins forces with our own social media team to distribute accurate, authentic information across varying social media.  Using a proven formula for effective social media distribution, our social media team can quickly and effectively reach thousands of citizens.  Best of all, the information provided is well-researched, every piece is cited with reliable sources, so citizens are not receiving a slanted opinion about the laws of our country and can feel confident in the information from The Founding Project.

And, our best partners are YOU…

In addition, we ask our members to also share our information with their family and friends on a regular basis.

Just consider what happens when 5,000 patriotic citizens share The Constitution and The Founding Principles with 10 of their friends…and then imagine the impact of 50,000 new or renewed patriots!

Now, double that number…and then triple that number….and so on.

As our membership grows and our social media and writing team grows, The Founding Project will continue to reach out to a growing audience.  Further growth can lead us to also begin a community outreach effort to bring education crucial to real freedom to a community near you.

Every Citizen…

Our effort is one that every citizen can undertake.  The Founding Project provides the information in articles, memes and sources and every citizen can take that information to their family and friends.  Even better, every citizen can also become a member of our social media team or offer their writing skills to our effort.  We are all volunteers recognizing a need to DO something for our country, our children and our grandchildren.

The Founding Project has high hopes and considerable determination behind our goal to Take Civics to Citizens and hope to gain a dedicated membership inspired to help their country and fellow citizens by supporting our efforts.   In our first two days after opening our Facebook page, we had over 1000 members, so we believe YOU see this need, as we do.

Thanks to our wonderful writers, our dedicated social media team and our patriotic members, we can confidently view our goals and do more than just dream of success.

Taking Civics to Citizens to restore Unity, Understanding, Freedom and Our Constitutional Republic…that is our cause and our goal.   We welcome our fellow citizens and members!

The Founding Project…Freedom through Knowledge. Together.

 – The Founding Project Management Team