Civics For All Ages ~ Video Series

Civics Education Video Series

The Civics Education Video Series by The Founding Project featuring Kim S. Anderson

Civics Education for all ages is the objective of this video series.  Video Host, Kim Anderson, takes our members through the Alpha Omega Publishing Civics Education Program in bite-size doses geared to busy adults and parents.  Just as appropriate for adults as it is for junior high through high school students, Civics for All Ages, offers quick lessons in an enjoyable format with a charming host.

Anderson tosses in a side of sports with her “shout-outs” to the varying teams represented with the sports theme hats she wears for each episode. But, you also get easy-to-follow lessons that can be viewed in order or not, as the videos stand on their own, complete with all of Ms. Ande

The Civics For All Ages Video Host, Kim S. Anderson

rson’s warmth and smiles.   (Anderson’s bio is included with the information under the heading “About” and “Our Team”.)

If you want to send a ball hat with your sports team on it to get a shout-out on Civics For All Ages, the address is included in this article and is also posted on The Founding Project’s Facebook Page, along with the first-run of each video.

The Civics For All Ages Videos are numbered and are typically followed with a RECAP meme of the same number are on The Founding Project’s Facebook Page.


To view the Civics For All Ages Civics Education Video Series

Please JOIN The Founding Project on Facebook and look for the Videos on the Page with the familiar “Civics for All Ages” logo image.   See the link and images below.

If you are not a Facebook member and do not wish to join Facebook, the videos are also posted on…

The Founding Project’s Twitter account as they are released AND

are set as a series on The Founding Project YouTube Channel.


Soon, The Founding Project will also open a LinkedIN account

and post our educational meme series, website articles and the civics education video series there, as well.

The Links

Links for the Civics For All Ages videos noted in this article are listed below, but please remember to stay on this website for a bit before rushing to start the Series!

The Founding Project’s

Facebook Page:

Twitter Account:  @founding_proj

YouTube Channel Offerings –

Civics For All Ages:

The Founding Project Videos:

What to look for?


The “Civics For All Ages” Video Series Thumbnail Image for the First Episode:


The Civics For All Ages Episode #1 Recap Meme:


The address to send your sports team ball hats to Civics for All Ages and Kim Anderson:



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