Tell YOUR Story ~ TFP’s Be The One Contest

Tell The Story of a Hero in Your Life

Everyone knows that ONE person…

The solitary figure refusing to salute a tyrant…
The exhausted priest carrying yet another person to safety from the terrorist’s rubble, before he too loses his life to the attack…
The nurse rescuing soldiers from enemy fire…
The mom working three jobs, but still finding the energy to take her young sons and their friends to the library every Saturday and teaching them to read…
The grandfather organizing the effort to create a park with a ball diamond for his grandchildren and neighborhood kids…

The power of ONE. One person who touches lives and makes a difference.

Mark tired of hearing our Military publicly demeaned, so he wrote and recorded a song for them, which ended up being heard by thousands of Veterans. (Note: The Founding Project will feature a story on Mark and his music in an upcoming article on our new website.)
Larry heard of a man injured in an accident, unable to work and of his family struggling in poverty, so he visited the man and found a way to create a job the man could do at his factory and hired him.
Muriel, Ann and Ethyl noted that young teens were getting into trouble and the resulting juvenile program was serving to compound the problems, so they began a different program with a 98% success rate in supporting these teens into self-sufficient, contributing adults.
Maria took it upon herself to organize a team of women to make soup for homeless veterans and a weekly service was born in a needy community.
These are not the stories from major headlines. The stories are also not the subjects of books or movies.

And, the efforts did not impact millions of people and sometimes not even thousands of people…but they made a difference.

YOU know a story of someone who channeled the American Spirit and made a difference for their community. The Founding Project invites you to tell that story! Submit the story of an unsung hero to The Founding Project to be featured on this website.
The rules and details are posted in bright pink memes below and also on the TFP Facebook Page with added info in the comments under the posts.
Please send us your story of ONE person who made a difference…and then consider how YOU can revive the America Spirit, the spirit that built America, the spirit that brought so many to see a problem and take it upon themselves to solve that problem for their community.
As you read the stories, above, and think about the people you know who stepped up to BE THE ONE…and recognize that every life these people touched positively impacted others and sent ripples through society, adding to their community in small, but meaningful increments. Ripples…started by ONE person.

THAT is the American Spirit.

Every person can BE THE ONE for their family and their community, because there is no effort that is too small to cause a ripple.
There is a simple way in which YOU can BE THE ONE, too…today. Think about America’s freedom, why America is the most free nation on earth, and how so many Americans do not know or have forgotten how that freedom is protected and that it is citizens who have complete control over their freedom. America has a Civics Deficit and the proof of that is overwhelming.
Because it is CITIZENS who control our government, lack of knowledge profoundly impacts freedom or, rather, this void in knowledge directly threatens freedom.

Here is where YOU matter. You can change that…and Be The One.

Consider: If you share Civics information to one friend on Facebook or send it via email to a family member and tell them to do the same. One concerned citizens sharing/emailing to 10 friends, who each promote to 10 more friends….and that first effort equates to 1000 efforts. This is how a crusade is born and is the raw power of just one person. 
YOU can partner with The Founding Project. TFP offers bite-size, approachable doses of education that is easily accessible to everyday citizens. TFP information and your willingness to be a Civics Advocate may sound small, but effective movements are born from the effort of one and the ripples of that effort affect many.

The Power of ONE.

Tell the story of that one person (first name only) of the unsung hero you know of in your community and submit it to TFP for the new website. Check the contest details on The Founding Project’s Facebook PAGE, look for the bright pink memes at
And, THEN, realize how you can…Be the ONE. Take Civics to Citizens.
THE FOUNDING PROJECT . . . Freedom through Knowledge. Together.
-The Founding Project Administrative Staff Writer
NOTE: Members of TFP can not only share and email TFP information to their own wall and their own friends and your own Facebook Pages, but you can also Share to Facebook Groups, on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram on your own or in planned efforts with the TFP Social Media Team. Please Volunteer today.


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