A Warrior’s Final Call: To Those Who Served

Dedication to Our Military and Their Families

A Tribute to Those Who Served

To Those Who Served: “My poem, “A Warrior’s Final Call”, is my tribute, to those who have served this nation from its spark of inception known as the Revolutionary War to those today, at this moment, who are serving, whether in their own backyards, or far from home in some foreign land.
This is my way of honoring my deep family military heritage, but also the line of all families whose blood runs not only red, but also white and blue.

A Heritage of Those Who Served

From my many-greats grandfather, who was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, to my ancestor, General John A Logan of the Union Army, who is responsible for and also read the first declaration for what we now know as Memorial Day, to my immediate family; my two late uncles, who left the family farm in New Harmony, Indiana, to serve in the Navy; the elder in the Pacific in WWII, and the younger during Vietnam. My father, a USMC veteran with multiple tours of Vietnam, gone to places we couldn’t follow, more than half my life growing up. My late husband, who served, 70-73, in the 101st Airborne, my brother, a Marine from 1984-88. My daughter, Sgt. Krysta Donaghue, who left her husband and 3 children to serve in Iraq. In my opinion, the best “souvenir” she brought home was a photo of her in her PT clothes, sitting on Saddam Hussein’s throne.

Inspiration from One Who Served

It was my late husband’s “triangle flag within its wooden crest” which was part of the inspiration for this poem.
This poem is for ALL who have served and stood the gap, facing toward an enemy to defend their loved ones and the loved ones of others…for those who risked their own lives or who sacrificed their blood, limb or life for preservation of an ideal that was so hard fought and won. I hold dear and close to my heart all those who wear or wore the uniform of this grand experiment known as the United States of America.
I am a proud Daughter of the American Revolution. Daughter of a Marine. Sister to a Marine. Niece to two Sailors. Wife of a Soldier. Mother of a Soldier daughter. I am a mother of four and a grandmother, who will fight to keep the flame of freedom burning, along with the true history of our Founding for those grandchildren to be able to live on with their hopes on their children’s future to also know what it is to live truly free.

“A Warrior’s Final Call”

Folded with respect and pride

A triangle flag, with love caressed,

Holds a place of high esteem

Within its wooden crest.

Once draped a coffin somber,

As within, a warrior slumbered.

Or, sits beside a wooden box

In which, contained, all that remained


Of a hero, whose blood, selfless

He sacrificed.

No matter in what nation, served,

In Freedom’s fight, for all that’s right,

This is the least that he’s deserved.

I honor those who stand and fight

Volunteering to protect

Where others turn and run in fright

When at war’s crossroads, they intercept,

Those whose plan is grief and harm

They grimly fight and battle on.

And, even injured, with last breath

Press forward, sounding the alarm.

Though oft deaf ears refuse to heed

That warning from a warrior, fallen

Red heat, free-flowing, as he’d bleed

Cacophony of war, it’s rages fading,

Hearing loved ones’ voices

In his final moments, calling.

Julia Newbern ~ Is a guest writer for The Founding Project and this dedication includes a bit about this lovely lady’s life with a rich military heritage.  When not engaged with her family, Julia works as a sales consultant for preowned cars and especially enjoys being creative with many of her commissioned works viewable on her Facebook profile.  She is also a mother and grandmother with a love for her country.

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