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Website Went Live July 14, 2017!

Today, The Founding Project took a major step forward….a website.

The Founding Project, a 501(c)(3) education nonprofit dedicated to the Founding Principles, the U. S. Constitution, our founding and Civics, has added to its Civics education outreach.

Following the successful launch of the TFP Civics education video series, “Civics For All Ages”, and their popular educational meme series, The Founding Project just unveiled their new TFP website.

The news magazine format debuts with a handful of writers from varying professions, including retired professors, historians, attorneys and former news reporters and also includes quotes, memes and resources.  Articles range from focusing on the Constitution and meanings to discussion on the Constitution to historic information about the Founding of the U. S. and from anecdotes to explain the Founding Principles to interesting perspectives on the Founders and their priorities and interests, such as home, family, education and even food and beverage.

The website also includes media information on TFP’s Civics Education video series, both from the Facebook Page and via TFP’s YouTube channel, and will also incorporate TFP educational memes in future articles as an extension of those memes.

Dedicated to the cause, Taking Civics to Citizens via TFP members and Social Media Team, the effort has a sizable outreach on Facebook and Twitter.  TFP will be expanding to Instagram and LinkedIN soon.

Site Navigation:  The main headings for the website are as follows:

About – Pertinent and detailed information about The Founding Project, its team, mission and founding, tax status and legal information

Our Country – Articles about America’s Founders and Founding and The Founding Principles, plus related sources and media

Our Government -Articles regarding the Constitution and its Amendments, along with Civics, Politics and Economics, plus TFP’s civics video series, “Civics For All Ages”

Our Writers – A drop-down menu noting TFP’s talented writers and TFP administrative staff, so members can search articles by writer

The Homefront – Articles as part of recent promotions (such as the “Be The One” Contest) and articles about the home, safety, family, education with The Joy of Country Living series and a media resource offering

Please enjoy the new website.  Stay on the website, Like articles, provide comments and feedback to help shape our content appropriate for an education nonprofit organization!



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