Freedom’s Calling

The Founder's Spirit, Can We Answer The Call?

Our Founders’ Spirit

When our American Founders saw the need for freedom, they uttered a cry to unite for the freedom of all.  That calling continues to us all today, at home and abroad.  Do we hear that calling?  Will we hear that calling?  And, when we do, it is wondered how Americans will respond.

Freedom’s Calling

Candles dance and then resign
What passion’s left to pay remind?
What moments pass that beg for change,

What destined drives and begs remain?

A calm demeanor the coward’s tempt,
Base excuse to be exempt
From toil and cause to give in trade.

Passing ember for this time was made.

Stand, be true and mark this day,
When lesser men have walked away
When souls contest the mortal cost

The withered still defend the lost.

Bridled, saddled, kept in chain
When shackles broke and men remain
To condemn the price of faulty charge

Freemen, mighty, roam at large

Conquered course and cause of right
They bend not will but choose to fight
The master’s plan to conform we few

To cages meant to deny what’s true.

Come we all or stand alone
Come gather with resolve of stone
Stand we here and stand we now

To hold the line in sturdy vow.

Liberty calls us to Life’s defense
Righteousness begs for recompense.
Enough we gather bold of cause,

To give us back our time and laws.

So when this calling reached your ears
Did you count yourself or count your fears?
Did you, in shyness, from us turn aside
Or did you throw caution and with us boldy ride?

The Founding Project is pleased to publish literary offerings that fit TFP’s dedication to civics education, the Constitution and The Founding Principles. Freedom’s Calling is another of the poems our members will find on this website.  Special thanks to TFP writer, Eric Buss, for this work. Other poems on The Founding Project website: and
Eric Buss
About Eric Buss 2 Articles
Eric Buss is an Indiana-based writer, who is both a primary and guest contributor for several online news and political publications. Eric has a passion for all aspects of historical study (religious, philosophical, political and military), is passionate about support of the U.S. Constitution and efforts to restore Constitutional freedom to the United States and reduce the restraints of an entrenched two-party system.

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